James Island

James Island

Exciting full day trip excursion and you will also experience part of history of Gambia and boat trip.

Excursion start at 6 O’clock by picking you up in your various hotels. We will drive to Banjul and park the car and join a boat trip. During boat trip a cup of tea/coffee and sandwiches will be served. You can listen to explanations and story of slavery while we are approaching village called Juffuref the village of Kunta Kenteh. In this village, the freedom monument will be presented. Later we proceed to museum where you will see pictures from days of slave trading.

Before taking the boat to the island we will go to house of Kunta Kinteh.  From the village to the island a lunch buffet will be served.

On the Island, you can see Fort James Island which is regarded by UNESCO as World Heritage. After visiting the Island, we will take boat back to Banjul. From Banjul I will drive you safely back to your hotel.

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